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Bespoke Rooms

Our modern handcrafted Contemporary Garden rooms really add the extra "wow" factor to any outdoor space.

They are designed and built to our highest standards. We utilise some of the best materials available to ensure the finish is perfect and it stands the test of time with minimal maintenance. 

As with every room we design, they are usable throughout the year with our industry leading insulation values in the floors, walls and roof.

All of our rooms are built to last from our level concrete slabs right through to our smooth plastered internal walls.

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Our rooms are ideal for home offices, studios or just a great space to relax in your garden.

They maintain our high-quality construction but also utilise sustainably grown Western Red Cedar cladding. 

Bi-folding doors are one of our most popular design features.

Our ethos is to ensure we create a beautiful garden room, designed to suit your exact requirements all year round whilst standing the test of time.

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