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3 Garden Room Ideas for the Winter Months

Garden rooms are such a versatile, handy addition to any home and can be used to their fullest potential all year round. Whilst they are wonderful in the summer months where they can bring in lots of natural light and warmth, they are equally as great in the cooler months too. With added insulation, double glazing windows and an installed heating system, your worries of not keeping warm in the winter can safely fade away.

Think of your garden room as an extension of your home, and treat it as such. Just like you would in the cooler months, pop the heating on and it’s ready to keep you cosy when it’s colder outside.

For those of you who are still struggling to think of our how to use your space in the colder periods, have a read of our suggestions here:

Library: Are you a bookworm, always looking for that perfect snug space to sit down and take some time to read? Embrace this space and turn it into your own little reading nook, safely shielded from the rainy or snowy elements outside.

Our rooms are fully flexible for you to design however you wish, choose a warmer lighting to really keep things serene, while our ceiling to floor windows and bi-fold doors will allow you to embrace the natural daylight whilst you can too.

Pop in some plants, fairy lights, alongside your bookcase and create a space that will allow you to escape from the everyday stresses of life.

Bar/ Entertaining Space: If you’re someone who enjoys entertaining but struggles to find an apt space in your current home, then our garden rooms will be super helpful for you. Impress friends and family by decking out your room with everything you need for a fun evening.

More of a dinner party person? Place a longer table in the centre of the room for an instant dining experience. Prefer the laid back energy of cocktails and nibbles? Pop in some chairs and smaller side tables to keep the vibe casual. How about a movie night? Find some comfy chairs/ bean bags and a projector and you’re all set to go!

The options really are endless here, and with the garden room being separate to your house, it’s perfect for those with families who need that extra little space away from home.

A ‘Garden’ Room: For keen plant enthusiasts our garden rooms make perfect, well, garden rooms. Embrace the warmer environment inside alongside the natural light to keep your indoor plants. Plants that do better in the summer would thrive just fine in the room too.

This would be especially helpful for those of you who love tending to plants, but struggle to find the room to take best care of them in your home.

We hope this has given you a few good ideas as to how to use your garden room in the winter. They really are such versatile and adaptable spaces, perfect for work or winding down throughout every season.

Feel free to get in touch with us here to discuss/ have a chat about any questions you may have.

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