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Do Garden Rooms add value to your house?

As the rise in popularity of a Garden Room is becoming increasingly high making it a desirable feature, it makes you wonder if having one installed will affect the value of your house. If you’re thinking the answer is yes, then you’re correct.

If you are looking to sell up in the future, a Garden Room is a cost effective and appealing way of adding further value to your home.

The increase might not be as high compared to an extension made of bricks and mortar, so you will need to be clever in how you market it when it comes to selling.

It can be difficult to give an exact figure of how much it will add but, in most cases, experts say that they can add approximately between 5-15% in value. Think of it this way, the cost you spend on the installation of a room will add 1.5x the value.

Say you spend, £15,000 on a room, you could be looking at around £22,500 added value.

Basically, the higher quality of service and materials used, the better. All our rooms are built, to the highest of quality and standards so you can be sure one of our Bespoke Garden rooms will wow potential future buyers

You can look at our gallery here

Here are some points on how they can add further value.

- Increases the total liveable floor space of your property

It is an instant attraction to buyers when they see that there is additional floor

space, especially when its separate from the house. It doesn’t matter what you have used your garden room for, your buyer will see this space and see fit for their needs.

Not only this, but it’s a different way of adding an extension. A Garden room can take a maximum of three weeks to build, with less disruption and cost compared to one of bricks and mortar, which will make it more cost effective for you.

- Makes your garden stand out

Obviously, when looking for a new house, the garden is always a top runner in alluring potential buyers.

Pledge Garden Rooms are not only designed to the highest quality. They are also designed to be a modern, contemporary feature of your garden. Our beautifully designed garden rooms are a fantastic way to add space to your home and transform your garden into a place that can be used in every season, whatever the weather.

- Encourages a faster sale

As we have seen, having a garden room does increase the wow factor to your house. Not only does it create impressive visuals, but it also encourages a faster sale when it comes to selling up. If potential buyers can see that there is this extra space in the garden even before viewing the house in person, then that’s a bonus.

The higher number of viewings you have, means the faster a sale can process and it’s also a possibility that your asking price will be met as people won’t want to miss out.

Whatever size you decide to go with and what you choose to do with your room, it will be a great investment either way.

If you need further guidance and information on where to even begin, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team members. We are so proud to work closely and guide you to create the garden room of your dreams.

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