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Garden Room- Home Gym and Shower Room Edition

This lovely home gym is the latest addition to Pledge Garden Rooms and we’re so proud of how this turned out. Carry on your New Year's Resolutions in the comfort of your own garden room with this workout space.

We worked closely with our client to design this 7m x 4.6m room for all of their home gym needs. This multifunctional room displays just how versatile a garden room is, with space for some relaxing down-time as well as the extensive exercise space.

An extra high internal ceiling height of 2.6m for the gym (lifting weights over the head/treadmill etc) required us to go through planning, and we’re so pleased with how this turned out. We discussed it with our client, and a separate room was created internally to house a walk in shower, water closet and sink. This features hot and cold water and Foul water connections to the existing septic tank.

Our lovely large 4.8m aluminium bi-folding door was installed to give a wonderful indoor/outdoor feeling for the summer months, as well as providing some much-needed light in the winter.

Alongside the design of the room, we also supplied and fitted the landscaping to the front and a new pathway to the garden room from their property.

All landscaping and garden room works are carried out by ourselves with our in-house team. Feel free to let us know if you want more information on how you can add landscape packages onto your room build.

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